LineFree Cord s.r.o. company was registered in the Companies Register on January the 7th 2009. But the basis for this company establishment was laid already in previous years when after several stages of development the implementation of both the original and modified prospectus regarding the stranded cords and ropes production had been completed. LineFree Cord s.r.o. company was established with a view to implement the strategy of a small manufacturer’s position in the sector of stranded engineering textile cords and ropes manufacture and sale. The company aims to meet the needs of similar small and medium size companies and small entrepreneurs –physical entities. We prefer the personal attitude and an equal customer service whether it regards a wholesale customer or small trader. The company has the necessary technological background available in the reconstructed building with production area and storage ground. The production potential would be impossible without a team of qualified and a highly trained technicians who are available in this company.



Development – production – sale – counselling



- production of stranded cords and ropes made of synthetic materials
- production of final products made of ropes and cords
- business activity



- development, design and manufacture of single-purpose machines and equipments for production
  and adjustment of cordsand ropes
- applied development of braiding technology on braiding and stranding machines
- wholesale activity
- counselling and servicing activity


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